Leah Johnson is the new coach at Michigan State.

Tonya Johnson is the new coach at LSU.

New jobs, new challenges as NCAA Division I coaches can go out on the road recruiting this week for the first time this offseason. Like VolleyballMag.com (John Tawa and I will be there), the Johnsons will be at Triple Crown in Kansas City.

Leah Johnson had great success at Illinois State and is ready to take on the challenge at Michigan State. She’s moving up from the Missouri Valley Conference to the Big Ten and had some interesting comments about how she recruits at tournaments.

Tonya Johnson grew up nearby and played at LSU, was an assistant coach at Kentucky and LSU, and her resume includes being an assistant Texas before leaving to be the head coach at Georgia Tech and then returning to Texas.

Both have great perspectives on what they’ve learned and what’s ahead:

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