There was volleyball earlier this week when eight top pro beach players gathered for a King of the Beach tournament in Hermosa Beach. The best photos from the day follow.

The event at 16th Street was put on by the McKibbin brothers — soon to be participants on the TV show “The Amazing Race” — and Sandcourt Experts.

The field? Pretty strong, as Tri Bourne, Taylor Crabb, Trevor Crabb, Avery Drost, Travis Mewhirter, Casey Patterson, Chaim Schalk and Stafford Slick battled it out.

Who won? How did it go?

In the near future, the McKibbins, Riley and Maddison, will produce a video from the event, and their YouTube presence, of course, is epic. And Mewhirter will have a writeup here at

In the meantime, my favorite photos from from Tuesday’s action:

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