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Men’s college volleyball: Rumblin,’ stumblin,’ tumblin’ through week 10

Our panel — Lewis coach Dan Friend, Pepperdine coach David Hunt and George Mason coach Jay Hosack — had a lot to say this week, so we did a “highlights version” of our discussion. It continues at The Viral Volley Podcast.

Penn State, still playing strong, took down MIVA powerhouse Ohio State, but is our panel convinced that the Nittany Lions can continue to flex their muscles?

Is Hawaii still a formidable top-5 team? Then we veer off to an “altitude vs. elevation” digression mentioning the conspiracy of altitude and serving problems.

Finally, the upset of the top 2 teams in the polls, UCI’s over Long Beach State and Stanford’s of top-ranked UCLA.

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From left, Penn State’s Cal Fisher, Sam Marsh and Brett Wildman block Ohio State’s Jacob Pasteur/Craig Houtz photo