Mentally Tough on Twitter

Pros and college athletes share their thoughts on mindfulness.

This issue, we consulted with experts to discover the ways mental training can elevate your game (See “Clear the Clutter” and “Cool Under Pressure”). Here are some thoughts on the matter from the Twittersphere.

January 1, 2014
@richyusa (Richard Lambourne)
Happy new year!! Here’s to more RESOLVE in 2014!!! #isRESOLUTIONSevenaword

January 1, 2014
@rs10usa (Riley Salmon)
Overcoming adversity breeds champions!
Look out 2014 MY TURN

January 6, 2014
@CassidyLichtman (Cassidy Lichtman)
Isnt it interesting how physical strength is born from mental strength? Hard to push yourself if you dont have your mind right #mindset

January 13, 2014
@ItsMindBlowing (Did You Know?)
Going through sad experiences actually makes
us smarter, we become better decision makers, also increasing mental strength

January 17, 2014
@aglass6 (Alisha Glass)
Reminder!! When the little things start to wear on you, remember the #bigpicture

January 22, 2014
@steven_kehoe (Steven Kehoe)
Emotional makeup is more important than technical skill. Warren Buffett

January 24, 2014
@Lauren5Gibby (Lauren Gibbemeyer)
Lesson of the year: stop trying to control things out of your control #seemssimple #itsnot #gettingbetter

January 24, 2014
@pilar_marie (Pilar Marie)
Nobody can change a person, but someone can be the reason for a person to change


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