With the NCAA Tournament starting Wednesday in Omaha, there are plenty of things to talk about, from both the logistical and volleyball angles. We rant and rave and make some pseudo predictions:

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  1. You may really want to pay attention to the replay/challenge equipment in the first 3 rounds. Gonna be a problem…

  2. I also wish they had staggered the matches more, but I’ve got 4 screens set up to watch as much as I can! Speaking of poor coverage, I tried to watch the March 20 Fl State-L’ville match when they played at Virginia. One camera from the endzone (I think it was the L’ville side) without any announcers or even a score. Absolutely awful job by the ACCNX peeps…I’ve seen better coverage on most team’s Facebook live video pages! Specifically, WKU’s FB coverage was excellent! And, of course, a shout out to the South Dakota GoYotes.com page and their excellent announcer–he really gets into it!


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