And Mick’s got some pointed observations about the teams, the matches, the NCAA’s challenge rule, and more:

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  1. Good stuff! I agree with Mick that the coaches should only have 2 and keep them if correct. Also, in one of the leagues they had a 3rd ref who did the replays. The down ref should not be doing the replays, especially when it’s the down ref’s call that’s being challenged. The other thing that having a separate ref would achieve is speed–he/she can already be reviewing the play while the coach is discussing with the down ref whether or not they want to issue a challenge. And I strongly dislike the “using a challenge as a timeout” tactic. If they only had 2, and got to keep them if correct, that would reduce the number of those extra timeouts.
    One other thing–during the Nebraska-Texas game, can anyone shed any light as to why the Nebraska hitters could not (or would not) hit over the 5′ 8″ setter instead of taking on the 6′ 3″+ MB? As a Nebraska fan, I found that extremely frustrating as that happened time and time again.


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