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Mondays with Mick: Talking with TK about the BIP tourney in Croatia, Israeli coach Logan Tom

Normally we do Mondays with Mick during the NCAA women’s season, but Mick just got back from a trip to Slovenia and Croatia where he ultimately coached in a tournament final against Logan Tom. That in itself was worth doing a mid-summer Mondays with Mick.

Mondays with Mick 4/26/2021-Mick Haley021-Mick HaleyThe tournament was part of the annual international venture put on by Tim Kelly (TK) and his company, BIP (Bring It Promotions). TK talked to us while cruising on a catamaran post-tournament.

Tom, the former Stanford and USA great, is going into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame in October. She played against Mick when he coached at USC and for him in the 2000 Olympics. She does her best to stay out of the public eye:

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