If sports and fitness are your passion, forget Facebook and Instagram; there’s a new app on the radar programmed specifically with you in mind. ActiveSide aims to bring together sporty and energetic people to share in their successes and provide motivation when they struggle. Similar to other social networking sites and apps, ActiveSide allows you to post images and short blocks of text, but you can also tag an activity ranging from dog walking to powerlifting toyou guessed itvolleyball.

In each post you can choose an emotion to accompany your photo or status update, and of course, tag your activity. For example, one NVL pro’s profile recently read: Mackenzie Brook is focused from Volleyball. Won first match, up again in NVL Dallas Vball tourney!!!! Woot woot. You can browse posts by activity or by most popular and add friends. Instead of the famous Facebook Like button, ActiveSide has a Cheer button with a picture of clapping hands so you can cheer on your ActiveSide friends in their athletic pursuits.

As you might suspect, the app has a lot of six-pack pics and shots of flexed biceps just fishing for praise. But there are some gems too, such as people posting photos from wild biking adventures and beautiful days on the beach. As soon as you accumulate a group of inspiring people to follow youll be very happy with your new, free social media app.


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