NCAA Volleyball History a book for every fan


Simply put, if you want to know pretty much everything that’s ever happened in NCAA women’s and men’s volleyball, NCAA Volleyball History by Michael Sondheimer is a must read.

Sondheimer was tireless in his effort, because the book has over 100 interviews, 75 features, 40-plus photos and a full media section of NCAA notes in the back. Every title match. Stories you didn’t know. Just a ton of stuff.

And more than anything, this touching line from the author in his introduction:

“This book must also be shared with the Autism community. The author has been diagnosed with lifetime Asperger’s Syndrome on the Autism Spectrum Disorder scaled. Autism was a gift for this book because of the long-term memory of NCAA volleyball and statistics and facts about the various championships.”

From Al Scates to Russ Rose, from Bev Oden to Karch Kiraly and names you probably forgot in between, to even officials, NCAA Volleyball History has it all.

You can buy it at Amazon by clicking here:


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