Hello All,

I live in Baton Rouge, which, compared to other parts of Louisiana, fared relatively well during and after Hurricane Ida. But I have no electricity, which means also no cable and no internet. Luckily we have a generator, an AC window unit, and are surviving OK. It is hot and humid, but it’s Louisiana in September.

All that being said, I can’t watch NCAA volleyball nor keep up with it online, which is problematic for VolleyballMag.com, since almost all of our content flows through me. I’m doing my best, but there’s no way to produce the NCAA start-of-season content you expect.

Ed is in Chicago this week for AVP and we’ll have full coverage of the last domestic pro beach event of the season. Thanks to the hard-working Lauren Olds, our TV and Streaming Listings are up to date. And I’m doing my best to keep up with NCAA volleyball and will catch up in due time. For that matter, this weekend I’ll have a story on Tulane, which left New Orleans — hit so hard by Ida — and won’t return. The Green Wave will anchor in Birmingham, Alabama, after playing at Florida State.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding and for reading VolleyballMag.com.


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  1. No problem. Stay safe. I hope they get the power back on soon. Your website is the best site for college and beach volleyball in the country.


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