On eve of NCAA tourney, ESPN’s Sunderland offers thoughts, analysis, even how to say libero

NCAA volleyball Paul Sunderland 4/13/2021-Paul Sunderland
Paul Sunderland visiting with the coaches at the 2018 NCAA national semifinals/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

Paul Sunderland took a break from his pre-NCAA Tournament studies to spend some time with us talking about the competition that starts Wednesday (he’s calling Samford vs. Wright State and then UCLA vs. Rider).

Sunderland, the 1984 Olympic volleyball gold-medalist, is a versatile announcer whose experience working way more than volleyball has coming in particularly handy during the pandemic, which he explains.

He’ll be calling every round, joined for the regionals and beyond by Salima Rockwell, Sunderland offers thoughts about the tournament, some analysis, and how to say libero. Actually, he sings it:



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  1. ~10:54 …should be easy to remember “LEE-beh-row” (your first name)!
    Great stuff and I always look forward to *any* match that Paul calls.


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