Both teams are off to 7-1 starts, No. 12 San Diego and Mississippi State. Their coaches, Jen Petrie of USD, and Julie Dennis of State, joined the Big Ten Network’s Emily Ehman and editor Lee Feinswog for the weekly Monday NCAA volleyball roundtable.

The NCAA season heads into the fourth of four weeks of pre-conference play. San Diego might be the surprise team of the nation, State is playing great, and there are so many exciting matches on tap this week:

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Breana Edwards of San Diego attacks against Texas A&M earlier this season/Brendall O’Banon, Texas A&M Athletics



  1. Another great job. Regarding upsets and 5-set matches, I’d love to hear your guests speak about the upward quality pressure on the game stemming from its phenomenal growth at the club and high school level. There are just more really fine and well-coached players entering the recruiting process that it has elevated the game all around. I also wish these college teams would work more with the local scene than they do. Invited them in to watch games would also make for better television, for we NEED butts in the seats.


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