Volt Athletics, an online strength and conditioning program, has created a way for schools, teams, and individual athletes to employ a sports-specific training program without breaking their budget. For $500, plus $25 per athlete, or $25 a month for an independent athlete, Volt will generate a full year of workouts based on one of the 16 sports they specialize in, including, of course, volleyball.

Structured around an in-season, post-season, and off-season, which you set to fit your team’s schedule, the athletes will be put through phases: maintaining strength during the season, mastering technique and increasing mobility during the post-season, and then building strength, speed, and power during the off-season in order to reach their peak in the following season.

Maybe the best thing about this program is that each athlete gets a personal sign-in so he or she can print each day’s workout, track progress, and look up videos of each exercise used in the workouts. This makes Volt a great summer workout resource when coaches are unable to supervise their players every day.

>> voltathletics.com


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