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National Volleyball Association men’s pro league sets July 9-11 playoffs

The National Volleyball Association men’s pro league will conduct its playoff July 9-11 in San Bernardino, California.

More on the players follows, but the quarterfinals on July 9 features Southern Exposure vs. Untouchables, Tyrants vs. Stunners, Team Freedom vs. Stingers (the defending champions), and Ramblers vs. Matadors.

The semifinals are July 10, and the final is Sunday, July 11.

This is how the league is divided:

American Conference
Los Angeles Blaze
Las Vegas Ramblers
Utah Stingers
Texas Tyrants
Chicago Untouchables

National Conference
Orlando Southern Exposure
New Jersey Team Freedom
Ontario Matadors
Orange County (CA) Stunners
Dallas Tornadoes

Among the elite players in the playoffs:
Stingers — Jake Langlois (BYU),  Jorge Mencia (Cuba), Inovel Romero (Puerto Rico University).
Stunners — Nick Amado (Long Beach State), Matt Hilling (Golden West State College), Corey Chavers (UCSB), Josh Ayzenberg (Sacred Heart).
Ramblers — Brandon Rattray (UCLA), Antwain Aguillard (Long Beach State), Ryan Mather (Grand Canyon), Ryan Manoogian (Long Beach State).
Team Freedom — Matt Seifert (Penn State), Joe Norman (SUNY New Paltz).

This is the second NVA season and its first full schedule after play was shortened in 2020.

Learn more about the league at its website,

Click here for the NVA YouTube channel.