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Ohio State has the weekend off, so we interviewed Mac Podraza, Kylie Murr, and Rylee Rader

When Ohio State’s matches this Friday and Saturday against Minnesota were postponed, if nothing else it created an interview opportunity with a few of the young, talented, and Big Ten-leading Buckeyes.

And it was really fun and full of interesting information, volleyball and otherwise.

Ohio State is 12-0 and after sweeping at Penn State this past Wednesday — its first win in Rec Hall since 2004 — and appears to be getting even better as the season goes on and the schedule gets tougher.

Next up, COVID willing, is a trip next Friday and Saturday to Nebraska. One of our interviewees, sophomore libero Kylie Murr, will play against her former Yorktown, Indiana, teammate Kenzie Knuckles, the Huskers‘ libero.

Also in the interview were sophomore setter Mac Podraza and freshman middle Rylee Rader.

They, along with teammates like super freshman Emily Londot, the only front-line senior in Lauren Witte, and Jenaisya Moore, Vanja Bukilic, and Gabby Gonzales are having a tremendous season.

Of course we talk about volleyball and their team, but also some interesting tie-ins from high school teammates, Salukis, pro beach volleyball, and the coaching staff. And, it should be noted, even though it didn’t come up in the interview (don’t worry, we see you Brian Wright), the players said that Nicole Fawcett, the former Penn State star and USA national-teamer, has been invaluable.

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