Paul Sunderland and Kevin Barnett called every USA Volleyball men’s and women’s match in the Tokyo Olympics, including the USA’s gold-medal women’s victory.

They gave the insight you would expect from two former USA Olympians on the NBC telecasts. They bickered with each other, had fun along the way, and offer some thoughts about the teams, the Games, and more — including Karch Kiraly’s cancer diagnosis — you won’t get from anyone else:

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  1. The most important reason, which I should have mentioned first, re Karch’s cancer disclosure was because he did’nt want to be the story. He wanted all the focus on his team!!! Paul S.

  2. Thank you Paul and Kevin – you are both living legends! I was texting all my volleyball friends when Karch and the women won gold – we were all crying! Thanks for this interview; I just signed up to be a sustaining member!


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