If you want to follow the sport from all angles, the best way these days is to start with Twitter. If you go to the @DestinationVB account and see who we follow, that’s a good start. We try to keep up with all the major men’s and women’s college teams and a handful of others who follow or promote the sport on different levels. A great source, of course, is Volleyball magazine, for which I write: VBM_blueGradient_logo2011-Lg
Click on the link to read any of my stories, mostly about the men’s and women’s college game: https://www.volleyballmag.com/community/profiles/3206-lee-feinswog

Of course, you can click on the main page and see how VBM keeps up with all things vball. ncaa logo NCAA.com has a volleyball page that has stats, championship info for all division and occasional stories provided by the school sports-information departments.
AVCA LogoYou can learn a lot at the website for the American Volleyball Coaches Assocation, AVCA.org, where you not only can find the weekly college polls, but information about the annual conventions, education valuable to coaches at any level.

Another place to keep up with the women’s game is richkern.com This is a pay site, but popular among college coaches. And for a comprehensive following of the men’s college game, offtheblockblog.com updates scores, standings and has interviews.

TNL-logo-CleanA fun place to visit is The Net Live, featuring D.J. Roueche, who admirably puts up with former men’s star-player-turned-announcer Kevin Barnett. Their podcast actually touches on volleyball, but be prepared to hear things you never thought about. Go through VBM for the podcast: volleyballmag.com/thenetlive
imgresFor all things USA, go to USAVolleyball.org It covers all indoor and outdoor national teams with stellar reporting by Bill Kauffman on the women’s side and B.J. Evans on the men’s.
AVP Logo_horizontal_blackyellow (1)The place to start when following beach volleyball, after reading our Andrew Beyer’s takes on this site, is avp.com. For the National Volleyball League, go to TheNVL.com, And for international, fivb.org/EN/Beachvolleyball/  Also there’s also bvbinfo.com

To keep up with the international indoor game, go to fivb.com/en. For more, try volleywood.net  And for the gossip/chat board side, there is Volley Talk:https://volleytalk.proboards.com/ imgresThe best way to follow the prep and club scene is PrepVolleyball.com. It’s a pay site, but they not only have forums, the writers actually get out and cover events and work it. For great vball photos, especially on the beach, check out Ed and Julie Chan’s work at VBshots.com.


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