Outkast Essentials Playlist

Brush up on the less well-known Outkast songs before hitting the festivals this summer.

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s music festival season. In case you havent heard, Outkast will be headlining every festival in 2014. Not really, but they will have a jam-packed summer performing at over 40 festivals. Odds are, if you and your friends plan on spending a weekend watching your favorite artists, youre going to see Outkast. Mainstream music listeners may not have known about Outkast until their songs Ms. Jackson and Hey Ya dominated the radio airwaves, but Outkast had three albums prior to those hits and below is a list of Outkast songs youll want to get familiar with prior to seeing them perform this summer.

Music festivals are a fantastic way to learn about new artists. While youre at these festivals, keep an open mind, stay hydrated, have fun, and remember youre there to be a part of the music. Dont be afraid to check out all the stages and tents to experience a band youve never heard of before. You might just discover a new favorite.

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, 1994

Git Up, Git Out
Hootie Hoo
Player’s Ball

ATLiens, 1996

Wheelz of Steel
Jazzy Belle
Elevators (Me & You)

Aquemini, 1998

Rosa Parks
Skew It on the Bar-B
Da Art of Storytellin (Pt. 1) & (Pt. 2)

Stankonia, 2000

So Fresh, So Clean
Ms Jackson

Big Boi & Dre Present, OutKast, 2001

The Whole World

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, 2003

The Way You Move

Idlewild, 2006

Mighty O


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