When Ed Chan and I bought Volleyball magazine just more than three years ago, we did it for the love of covering the game.

Simply put, we like volleyball. We like being there, we like the people, and we like being an important part of the volleyball community. So when we turned it into VolleyballMag.com to become your daily digital news source for volleyball, we did it to cover our sport on all fronts, grow the game, and, selfishly speaking, ensure that we’d have the fun of being right in the middle of things.

And we have. The past few years have been a blast and VolleyballMag.com has continued to grow, not only through our website but also through our social media platforms.

But we’d always hoped for more.

We’d always hoped to have more people and more resources to do even more. Now that’s happened.

We are so excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by p1440, which, like us, loves volleyball, wants to grow the game, and sees more and better coverage of the sport as the way to go.

p1440 is the digital platform founded from the vision of Kerri Walsh Jennings and her husband, Casey. But it’s more than that. It’s a media company with an eye on not only shaping the future of the sport, but elevating the sport, the athletes and the lifestyle 365 days a year.

The possibilities are endless for us all. At VolleyballMag.com, we have not only Ed (a great volleyball photographer and beach volleyball aficionado) and me (who’s done some writing over the years), but two former editors of Volleyball magazine on board, Megan Kaplon and Mike Miazga, seasoned volleyball writers who share our passion for the sport. The merger also brings Travis Mewhirter back on board, who will take our beach coverage to new levels.

Selfishly speaking, with the NCAA indoor season around the corner, we can’t wait to be back in the gyms, for the season to unfold, and know that we’ll be doing it with p1440.

As Kerri said when she launched the company, the name p1440 was inspired by the number of minutes in a day and the idea of living all of them with intention and purpose. Together, that means we now have even more of those minutes to devote to volleyball.

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead and hope you will join us along the way.

Ed and Lee

A note to our Premium subscribers: Now that we are a part of p1440, we will no longer have Premium content on VolleyballMag.com. 
We would like to offer you a free transfer to a p1440.com subscription through the end of 2020. p1440 has some exciting developments under way that we hope you will enjoy.
If you would like a refund instead, please email lee@volleyballmag.com and we will take care of it.

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