Paul Sunderland has more knowledge and insight about NCAA volleyball than anyone and will handling the the ESPN play-by-play Thursday and Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, for the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship.

He’s got plenty of analysis and thoughts about the weekend past and the three matches ahead:

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  1. Paul Sunderland is TERRIBLE. HE was extremely BIAS towards Texas when they played Nebraska in the Regional Final. He called Nebraska LUCKY on several point wins during the match. He DID NOT call Texas LUCKY on any of their point wins. WHY such BIAS???
    ALSO, it sounded like we were playing Washington instead of Texas as much as Sunderland talked about Washington during the match. It was PATHETIC!!!

  2. Darn, all you experts, oh the freshmen ya ya ya, SERVE RECEIVE for Texas was horrible. 2nd set 23 21? texas and two bad serves. I asked the coach who is the toughest competition we would face and he said us. Proved to be true. Nebraska did an outstanding exposing ou weakness. Not very well said but the best this homer could do.

  3. I always enjoy listening to Paul call a match. And Lee, I join with him in saying “Thanks for everything you do for the game”!


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