Ping Cao is part of TAV’s standout roster of coaches

Ping Cao working with TAV 11 Black

TAV 17 Black coach Ping Cao’s volleyball resume is as good as they come. Cao played for China in the 1984 Summer Olympics and has gone on to enjoy a successful coaching career in the sport, most recently with the Carrollton, Texas-based club. But those who have played for him at TAV say they’ve learned a heck of a lot more than just volleyball. “Who wouldn’t like to play for Ping?” wonders TAV 18 Black’s Remy Fairchild. “I liked playing for him. It was something completely different. He tested me more than anything I’ve ever been through mentally and physically. It was a heck of a ride.”

Ping Cao working with TAV 11 Black
Ping Cao working with TAV 11 Black

Fairchild noted when she first came to TAV she started out on third team in the age group.“Then I got moved to a 2s team and then Ping saw me and pulled me up on the top team,” she says. “Competing at that level completely changed me. Ping easily is one of the best coaches in the country. His knowledge of the game is insane. If I ever get in a little rut, I’ll take a private lesson with him and get back to how it was. He can fix anything.” Fairfield’s teammate Claire Schwettmann also played for Cao’s 17s team. “He’s a handful,” she says with a laugh. “He’s a very challenging coach.” Schwettmann noted Cao stressed proper nutrition and also was known for his team rules and challenging workouts. “He has a lot of rules, but he’s teaching us about responsibility,” she says. “He’s teaching us lessons that will help us play at the next level. He’s very strict, but he sure taught me about discipline and being responsible for your own actions and your own play. If you weren’t playing well or you weren’t focusing in practice, you weren’t going to play. He was a tough coach and he put us through some crazy workouts, but I liked it a lot.” Fairfield adds: “Ping’s a great guy. He’s scary on the court, but he means well.”


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