ACC-champion, NCAA No. 12-seeded Pittsburgh enjoying success, big crowds

Pittsburgh-Chinaza Ndee-Pitt-Panthers
Pittsburgh's Chinaza Ndee: We want Pittsburgh to see how good we are and how big volleyball really is and how much it can really bring to the city.”/Alex Mowrey photo

Being a first-round NCAA Tournament host for 12th-seeded Pittsburgh, the ACC champion, is just another step to national prominence that the program has taken under coach Dan Fisher.
As Stephanie Williams said, “People are so used to the Big Ten or Pac-12 schools leading the top 10,” she said. “I think seeing Pittsburgh thrown in is kind of surprising to some people. But, hopefully, our name has been around long enough that people understand that we are a really great program and can compete with some of these schools.
“I think the volleyball community was shocked at first, but I think they’ve put a little respect to our name.”
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