We have been thrilled with the response from readers the world over since we launched the new VolleyballMag.com website on August 1, 2016. VolleyballMag.com has truly become the daily digital news source for our sport on all fronts.

We’ve been offering great content for free to nearly half a million readers, but now we want to enhance and expand our coverage, especially for the end of the NCAA women’s regular season, NCAA Tournament and NCAA Championship. Our additional content will also include beach and juniors.
So we will be offering, for a limited-time, VolleyballMag.com Premium content.

Readers will have the option of paying $9.99 for Premium content through December 25. If you read just five stories a week, that would come out to less than 29 cents a story. And that will include our daily NCAA roundups, feature stories, our weekly POW roundup, extensive NCAA Tournament coverage, and our All-American teams that will be announced right after the season.

Anyone who does will be offered a discount for Premium content in 2018. We hope everyone who visits VolleyballMag.com will continue to enjoy our daily coverage, features and more coverage about volleyball than our sport has ever seen.

— Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan, VBM co-publishers 


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