Preseason Products

Get the most out of preseason with these products.

Preseason: a glorious, but grueling time of three-a-day training sessions, exhaustion, and soreness like youve never experienced before. But it’s also a time of building new relationships, developing your strength and skills, and growing as a player and as a person. Survive all the ups and downs of preseason with these nifty products.

Hydro Flask 18 oz Coffee & Tea Flask

Keep your coffee hot on your morning trek to practice and then rinse out this stainless steel flask and use it to keep your water cold throughout the day. This vacuum-sealed water bottle/coffee thermos is the perfect size for slipping into a backpack side pocket or car cup holder.

Legends Volleyball Crew Socks

First impressions are important when training with a new team. Be known as the kid with flashy socks from Legends Volleyball, not the one that missed too many serves and forced your team to do suicides. The Manhattan Beach-based Legends has designs inspired by Matt Anderson and Casey Patterson and a whole host of other styles created with input from junior volleyball players from SoCal.

Jack Black Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm

Achy joints and muscles are one of the only guarantees in preseason. This topical cream from Jack Black combines the powers of menthol, willowherb, dimethyl sulfone, arnica, and Dragon’s blood (a resin from an Amazonian tree said to reduce inflammation). The pleasant cooling sensation distracts you from your aches and pains and helps you feel warmed-up and ready to go for the next practice session.

Nathan Power Shower Wipes

If you want to stave off the grime but refuse to shower three times a day during preseason, these shower wipes will be a key item to keep in your bag. Theyll remove the residue of a giving-it-110-percent practice or weightlifting session and leave you feeling confident and ready to make new friends at meals in the dining hall.

Virus BioCeramic Compression Pants

Whether youre a libero, setter, or a hitter, preseason will wreak havoc on your legs. Slip into these compression leggings from Virus during or after a particularly tough workout to increase circulation and speed up recovery.

Plastic Backpack

This oversized backpack is perfect for days when you dont have a chance go back to your room between practices. With plenty of space for a couple changes of clothes, snacks, and other gear, and a ball pouch that doubles as a nice, airy spot to store your stinky shoes, it’s a must-have. It also features a padded laptop section, so once classes start it can make the transition into a school bag.


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