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Pro Volleyball Federation sets first serve: Atlanta at Omaha on January 24

Could Brooke Nuneviller, shown here in Turkiye last spring, have the first PVF serve when her Omaha team plays host to Atlanta?

The first serve in the history of the Pro Volleyball Federation will be Wednesday, January 24, when the Atlanta Vibe visits the Omaha Supernovas.

It’s the start of an 84-match regular-season schedule for the start-up American women’s pro volleyball league.

Five of the seven PVF teams play that first week. The next day, January 25, Columbus travels to Grand Rapids. Then, Atlanta plays at Orlando and in the second week, San Diego and Las Vegas open their respective seasons.

After the regular season, the top four teams will compete for the Pro Volleyball Federation Championship during the weekend of May 16-19, 2024. The location of the championship is still to be determined.

Go to the Pro Volleyball Federation website for the schedule and more information.

Here is a list of the PVF teams with information about each franchise and rosters.

Grand Rapids Rise, Grand Rapids, Michigan/VanAndel Arena
Owners: Dan DeVos/DP Fox Ventures
Head Coach: Cathy George
Assistants: Bill Walton, Denislav Dimitrov, director of ops MacKenzi Welsh
Allyssa Garvelink-Jensen, MB, 6-4, Michigan State
Ashley Evans, S, 6-1, Purdue
Camilla Gomez, L, 5-2, Texas A&M
Claire Chausee, OH, 6-0, Louisville
Emiliya Dimitrova, OPP, 6-1, Bulgaria
Erika Pritchard, OH, 6-3, Penn State
Holly Toliver, OH, 6-2, Michigan State
Kayla Caffey, MB, 6-0, Texas
Marin Grote, MB, 6-4, Washington
Sarah Sponcil, S/L, 5-9, UCLA
Shannon Scully, OH, 6-2, USC
Symone Abbott, OH, 6-1, Northwestern
Nia Grant, MB, 6-1, Penn State

Omaha Supernovas, CHI Health Center Omaha, Nebraska
Owners: Jason Derulo and Danny White
Head Coach: Shelton Collier
Assistants: Laura “Bird” Kuhn, John Xie, John Corbelli
Other Stateaff: Srength & Conditioning Coach – Laura Pilakowski-Buttermore
Sydney Hilley, S, 6-0, Wisconsin
Yossiana Pressley, OH, 6-0, Baylor
Tori Dixon, MB, 6-4, Minnesota
Danielle Hart, MB, 6-4, Wisconsin
Gina Mancuso-Porosoki, OH, 6-0, Nebraska
Kendall White, L, 5-5, Penn State
Brooke Nuneviller, OH, 5-11, Oregon
Lindsey VanderWeide, OH, 6-3, Oregon
Natalia Valentin-Anderson, S, 5-7, Puerto Rico
Nia Reed, OPP, 6-1, Penn State
Bethania De La Cruz, OH, 6-2, Dominican Republic
Hristina Vuchkova, MB, 6-2, Bulgaria

Atlanta Vibe, Duluth, Georgia/Gas South Arena
Owner: Colleen Durham Craig
Head Coach: Todd Dagenais
Assistant: Brian Doyon
Anota Adekunle, MB, 6-2, Rice
Ali Bastianelli, MB, 6-3, Illinois
Grace Cleveland, OPP, 6-3, Purdue
Kylie Cole, S, 6-0, NC State
Kendra Dahlke, OH, 6-0, Arizona
Leah Edmond, OH, 6-2, Kentucky
Morgan Hentz, L, 5-9, Stanford
Alli Linnehan, OH, 6-1, Kentucky
Kaylie McHugh, L/DS, 5-6, Tulane
Leketor Member-Meneh, OH, 5-7, Mississippi and Pitt
Marlie Monserez, S, 6-0 Florida
Polina Shemanova, OH, 6-0, Syracuse
Tori Dilfer-Stringer, S, 5-11, Louisville
Allison Whitten, L-DS, 5-6, Creighton

Columbus Fury, Columbus, Ohio/Nationwide Arena
Owners: Jeff and Beth Gilger
Head Coach: Ángel Pérez
Ray Santos, S, 6-0, Arkansas
Gabby Blossom, S, 5-9, San Diego U
Karina Ocasio, OPP, 6-3, Puerto Rico
Jamie Peterson, OH, 6-4, Dayton U
Ivania Ortiz, OH, 5-9, Hoffstra U
Ashley Wenz, OH, 6-3, Ohio State
Kayla Lund, OH, 6-0, Pitt
Megan Courtney-Lush, OH, 6-1, Penn State
Maria Schlegel, OH, 6-0, Spain
Jenna Rosenthal, MB, 6-6, Marquette
Rainelle Jones, MB, 6-3, Maryland
Kaitlyn Hord, MB, 6-4, Nebraska
Valeria Leon, L, 5-5, Ohio State.

Orlando Valkyries, Orlando, Florida/Addition Financial Arena at UCF
Owners: David Foreman
Head Coach: Amy Pauly
Assistant: Gordon Mayforth
Carly Graham, S, 6-0, Rice
Wilmarie Rivera, S, 5-10, Louisville
Melissa Evans, OPP, 6-0, NC State.
Shainah Joseph, OPP, 6-1, Florida
Adeola Owokoniran, OH, 6-3, Duke
Aury Cruz, OH, 5-10, Florida
Carly Skjodt, OH, 6-0, Michigan
Madi Rigdon, OH, 6-0, Kansas
Vanessa Agbortabi, OH, 5-11, Germany
Blake Mohler, MB, 6-2, Purdue
Kazmiere Brown, MB, 6-3, Kentucky
M’Kaela White, MB, 6-3, James Madison
Dalianliz Rosado, L, 5-7, Minnesota
Paula Cerame, L, 5-8, Indiana

San Diego (name TBA), arena TBA
(Team name announcement scheduled for November 9)
Owners: Kerri Walsh Jennings, others TBA
Head Coach: Tayyiba Haneef-Park
Current roster
August Raskie, S, 6- Oregon
Jhenna Gabriel, S, 5-8, UNLV
Hannah Tapp, MB, 6-3, Minnesota
Ronika Stone, MB, 6-4, Oregon
Hana Lishman, L, 5-7, Pepperdine
Shara Venegas, L, 5-7, Puerto Rico
Grace Loberg, OH, 6-3, Wisconsin
Las Vegas (name TBA), arena TBA
Owners: Andy Abb and Jon Bruning
General Manager: Ruben Herrera
Head Coach: Fran Flory
Assistant Coaches: Denise Corlett, Melody Nua
Current roster
Molly McCage, MB, Texas
Layne Van Buskirk, MB, Pittsburgh
Berkeley Oblad, MB, Utah
Saskia Hippe, OPP, Germany
Alisha Glass Childress, S, Penn State