We talk all about in the video interview below, but it started out, Lipscomb coach Brandon Rosenthal said, in a conversation with his friend Fritz Rosenberg, who coaches at Ball State.

“He threw out this challenge,” Rosenthal recalled: Run four miles six times in a 24-hour period.

Why not? And, “We were looking for a way to wrap up Mamba Monday for the spring,” Rosenthal said.

Mamba Mondays became a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. In this case, “we thought how to do we reach out not only to the Lipscomb volleyball community, but also the Lipscomb athletic community and the volleyball community as a whole.”

What’s more, it allowed him run all over Nashville, including downtown and the area hit by the recent tornadoes (for more, go to the Lipscomb volleyball Twitter account at @LipscombVBall or Instagram at lipscombvball).

What’s more, I thought when we set this up that Rosenthal had run four miles four times on Monday. No, no, no: It was six times, just 2.2 miles short of a marathon. He said he was running three times a day in preparation.

“I think I showered like eight times yesterday,” Rosenthal cracked on Tuesday as he said he was actually considering a short run. “You have like two hours to rest and before you know it the clock just flies by and you have to mentally prepare to get yourself going again. It messes with your head.

“It was fun and it was a great experience.”



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