Rutgers’ CJ Werneke has taken unlikely path from student assistant to Big Ten coach

CJ Werneke-Rugers-Scarlet Knights-Big Ten
Rutgers coach CJ Werneke enjoys a lighter moment this season with assistant Anna Khrystenko/Ben Solomon, Rutgers Athletics

He was supposed to play football at Samford, but got derailed and ended up as a student coach for the school’s volleyball program where the coach all these years later says simply, “He was such a blessing to us.”
Now, CJ Werneke is the 11th-year head coach at Rutgers. How he got there is a remarkable story of persistence and interesting turns, from his success as the head coach at Fairfield to thinking he was going to going to lead Rutgers to the top of the Big East. Until the school joined the toughest volleyball conference in the country, the Big Ten.
His solution? A roster that looks like something out of the United Nations.
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