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America’s couple! AVP’s Schuermann, Smith both win big on Wheel of Fortune

Beach volleyball fans know Mark Schuermann as the voice of the AVP. His girlfriend, former pro player Kim Smith, writes for

And both won big on Wheel of Fortune and tell the story in this video interview below.

We interviewed the two of them together this past Friday from Hermosa Beach, two days after Kim came up big, and about six weeks after Mark won it all on an episode of Wheel like no other.

Mark appeared on the show March 12 and solved the prize puzzle phrase “Moving Company.” But it wasn’t that simple for him to take home the $38,000 prize, giving him a total of $58,903.

Kim was on this past Tuesday and she capped her episode by solving “Dabble in Photography” and won a Ford Escape Hybrid. Her total earnings: $57,411.

And there’s more: The night after our interview with Kim and Mark this past Friday afternoon, yet another SoCal volleyball person cashed in.

Jeana Holman

Jeana Holman, a teacher who has been a longtime volleyball coach at Torrey Pines High School and Wave and now also assists at Oceanside HS, also won a Ford Escape and combined with cash and prizes won a total of $63,925. Jeana, whose prize-puzzle phrase was “Taking the boulevard,” did her audition the same time as Mark and taped the same day as Kim.

Watch Mark’s intro here:

Watch Kim solve her puzzle for the big prize:


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