The 34th annual SCVA Las Vegas Classic gets under way Saturday in the desert and ends Monday on President’s Day. And last year, two 18 Open Elite teams in the field made a late-season push during the USA Volleyball Girls Junior Nationals 18 Open championships in Dallas.

San Gabriel Elite 18 Roshambo finished with a bronze medal, while Forza1 18 UA tied for fifth. It was Forza defeating SG in the 18 Open Elite championship last February in Las Vegas. With Apex1 18 Black already qualified in 18 Open — the lone 18s team so far with a bid to Reno — at least one team from the Las Vegas Classic is assured to represent from the tournament in early May.

Some others should be joining Apex, clubs like Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar and SG Elite 18 Roshambo, both of which are high seeds in 18 Open Elite this go around. Below, we run through the tournament and things to watch for.

18 Open Elite
Number of Teams — 30
USAV Open Qualified – Apex1 18 Black
Top Seeds
1. Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar
2. Laguna Beach 18-1
3. A4 Volley 18 Purple Joaco
4. SG Elite 18 Roshambo
5. Rage 18 Greg
6. AZ Rev 18 Adidas
7. Spiral 18 UA
8. Rancho Valley 18 Premier
Players To Watch
Amara Aimufua, OH, SG Elite 18 Roshambo
Mia Christensen, L, Goldenwest 18 Asics
Jenna Giambi, L, Forza1 North 18 Kurt
Jaelyn Hodge, OH, AZ Rev 18 Adidas
Nalani Iosia, L, Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar
Allison Jacobs, OH, Legacy 18 Elite
Sophia Lambros, S, A4 Volley 18 Purple Joaco
Makayla Long, MB, AZ Rev 18 Adidas (JR)
Grace McIntosh, S, Laguna Beach 18-1
Kami Miner, S, Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar (JR)
Vanessa Ramirez, L/DS, SG Elite 18 Roshambo
Krystal Raymundo, L/DS, SG Elite 18 Roshambo
Mia Tuaniga, S, Apex1 18 Black
Malialani Tufuga, S/RS, Apex1 18 Black
Starr Williams, OH, Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar
This division is made up of eight pools. The last two have three teams each, the remaining six have four teams. They are playing to get into an eight-team gold bracket on Day 3, when they can start vying for the championship. Mizuno Long Beach 18 Rockstar is the top seed and tournament favorite for a reason. The club finished tied for fifth in 17 Open at last year’s USAV GJNC in Indianapolis and has most everyone back. The only team to earn an 18 Open bid so far though is Apex1 Black. The club earned its first-ever Open bid two weeks ago by finishing third at the January Thaw in Minneapolis. While other So Cal squads like Long Beach, Laguna Beach, San Gabriel and A4 haven’t yet played in a qualifier, sixth-seeded AZ Rev 18 Adidas has. AZ Rev ended up in ninth at the Music City Championships in Nashville last month. AZ Rev defeated Forza1 North 18 Kurt in Nashville. Forza1 North is in the Vegas field and could be a potential sleeper. As for AZ Rev, the Arizona club figures to be in contention late on Monday.

17 Open Elite
Number of Teams — 20
Top Seeds
1. SG Elite 17 Rosh
2. A4 Volley 17 Purple
3. Rage Westside 17 Gabe
4. Encore 17 Goldhahn
5. AZ Sky 17G
6. Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar
7. ARVC 17 Adidas
8. SVVC 17 Mike
Players To Watch
Peyton DeJardin, OH, SG Elite 17 Roshambo
Olivia Keller, OH, Rage 17 Gabe
Sidney McIntosh, OH, ARVC 17 Adidas
Mellie Muir, S, Encore 17 Godhahn
Tasmin Mullins, S/RS, Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar
Jennifer Wroblicky, MB, Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar
Grace Xu, S, Rage 17 Gabe
This division is smaller than its 18s counterpart but the teams are essentially playing their way toward the same goal. After starting on day one in four-team pools, clubs are chasing one of six spots in Monday’s gold bracket. The top two teams get byes into the semifinals, with the remaining four teams playing for the last two spots in the semis. Three teams in the field — ARVC, M1 and SIVBC — all played in the January Thaw Qualifier. That event offered 17 Open for a change this year. ARVC finished the highest of the trio in ninth place. M1 tied for 17th while SIVBC tied for 21st. San Gabriel, the top seed, had the best showing last year in 16s of any team in the field. San Gabriel came in 25th in 16 Open in Indy.

16 Open
Number of Teams — 64
Top Seeds
1. SG Elite 16 Roshambo
2. ICON 16 Adidas
3. SIVBC 16 Thunder
4. OJVA 16-1 Gold
5. CPA Xtreme 16 Elite
6. Momentous 16 Raul
7. Club H 16 Adidas
8. Athena 16-1 Gold
The top seed, it’s obvious everyone in the field is going to be coming for San Gabriel Elite 16 Rosh. The SCVA club returns 10 players from last year’s roster that tied for 13th in 15 Open in Indy. SG’s run included impressive victories over AVC Clev 15 Rox and TAV 15 Black, as well as CIS 15M, which took second in 15 Elite at Triple Crown. The field begins with 64 teams and will be sized down to the final eight starting on the third day. From there, the quarterfinalists will play out the gold bracket to determine the division’s winner.

15 Open
Number of Teams — 32
Top Seeds
1. BCVC 15 Smack
2. Viper 15-1 Jolynn
3. SG Elite 15 Rosh
4. SCVC 15 Roxy
5. Absolute Black 15-1
6. Maunalani 15 Hurley
7. SF Tremors 15 Wolverines
8. Club Cactus 15 Mizuno
The way the seedings are set up, the SCVA uses its own point system derived from regional qualifying play. The teams are young and it’s hard to predict what to get with a 15s team. But based on three days of qualifying Beach Cities picked up the No. 1 overall seed with some of the other SoCal squads attending the Triple Crown Sports NIT in Kansas City. The team to watch out for might be Absolute Black 15-1. The NorCal club brings back nine members from a squad that finished tied for 27th in 14 Open in Indy last summer. The highest showing from last season of any team in the field. In fact, Absolute was the only team to make Open playing in 15 Open in Vegas.

18 Open
Number of Teams — 64
Top Seeds
1. Forza1 North 18 Britney
2. SoCAL VBC 18 Aurora
3. Club H 18 Adidas
4. PSVBA 18-Bobby
5. Dig This 18 Black
6. 949 18 Black
7. SG Elite 18 Elite
8. Bakersfield 18 John
18 USA
Number of Teams — 144
Top Seeds
1. SAVA 18 Black
2. Blue Crush 18s
3. Coast 18-3
4. Vegas United 18 Navy
5. Seattle Jrs 18
6. Boise Ignite 18 National
7. Hi Intensity Hilo
8. Jammers 18 Black
17 Open
Number of Teams – 56
Top Seeds
1. Club H 17 Adidas
2. 949 17 Black
3. Sunshine 17 North
4. Bakersfield 17 John
5. BCVC 17 Smack
6. SG Elite 17 Elite
7. Viper 17-1
8. OJVA 17-1
17 USA
Number of Teams — 132
Top Seeds
1. Mizuno Long Beach 17 Mizuno
2. NWAJS 17 National Black
3. Max Performance 17 Blue
4. Actyve 17 Mizuno
5. MVA 17 Elite
6. Laule’a 17 Black
7. Momentous 17 Raul
8. Rise 17 National
16 USA
Number of Teams — 136
Top Seeds
1. SDVBC 16-1
2. Vegas United 16 Navy
3. SEVC 16-1
4. Left Coast 16-1
5. Forza1 West 16 Under
6. LRJ 16 National
7. Pulse 16 Black
8. Apex NW U16 Summit
15 USA
Number of Teams – 72
Top Seeds.
1. Sunshine 15 Elite
2. SG Elite 15 Elite
3. Actyve 15 Mizuno
4. CHV 15 Lee
5. BBCLV 15 Black
6. DCVA/505VBA
7. Mizuno M1
8. Tstreet Pomona 15

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