Best of Seaside beach volleyball tournament photo gallery by Stephen Burns

Seaside volleyball photo gallery 8/17//2021-Macy Jerger
Macy Jerger defends/Stephen Burns, PNV photography

SEASIDE, Oregon — The 39th annual Seaside beach volleyball tournament, thought to be the nation’s largest beach volleyball tournament, featured over 3,300 players and 1600 teams on 185 courts August 12-15, 2021.

Logan Webber and Evan Cory took the AVPNext gold title and the $4,000 top prize by defeating Travis Mewhirter and Adam Roberts.

In the women’s draw, Brittany Tiegs and Megan Nash defeated Macy Jerger and Emily Hartong for the championship.

Open results are listed here.

Here are the best photos from the weekend by’s Stephen Burns:


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