Siblings Dominate at Waupaca Boatride

Billy Kolinske hits against Tim Bomgren's block.

The 2015 Waupaca Boatride, for which over 1,100 teams and 3,800 participants converged upon Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was dominated by siblings.

The Bomgren family locked down first place, as Brian, the elder brother by three years, led younger bro Tim to both the men’s Open sand doubles and men’s Open grass triples Championships. Adam VanOort and Ben Shamrokh joined the Bomgren brothers in triples.

The Kolinske family also brought home significant hardware, as Julie Kolinske came away with first place in women’s Open sand doubles with partner Kerri Schuh, and her older brother Bill Kolinske (by a margin of five years) finished second in both men’s Open sand doubles and men’s Open triples, with the help of Avery Drost (his partner in doubles and triples) and Raffe Paulis (the third triples teammate).

The Gustafson brothers, Adam and Joseph, earned a third-place finish in men’s Open grass triples with Ted Schoenfeldt. Joseph, 10 years Adam’s senior, introduced Adam to the sport in high school. Adam has since become the more accomplished player, finishing fifth in men’s Open sand doubles with Lucas Underys.

In other non-familial finishes, Cassie Haag, Ellie Duffy, and Brynja Thompson claimed the women’s Open grass triples crown over Callie Meiller, Kelsey Beyer, Eliza Zwettler, and Jesse Van Lannen. Chris Kozlarek, Jasmin Cull, and Dainis Berzins took second place in men’s Open grass triples, and Cassie Haag and Ellie Duffy finished as runner-ups in women’s Open sand doubles.


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