NVL honors 2016’s best at season-ending banquet

Top NVL teams: Skylar DelSol and Piotr Marciniak and Raquel Ferreira and Karolina Marciniak/Ed Chan. VBshots.com

Defenders Skylar DelSol and Kim Hildreth each received three individual awards at Friday’s NVL awards banquet that was part of the season-ending Players Championship at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Kim Hildreth won three NVL awards/Ed Chan, VBshots.com
Kim Hildreth won three NVL awards/Ed Chan, VBshots.com

Hildreth was named Best Defensive Player, Best Setter, and Fan Favorite.

DelSol was named MVP, Best Setter, and Best Defensive Player.

DelSol and partner Piotr Marciniak were named Top Team. The women’s Top Team award went to Raquel Ferreira/Karolina Marciniak.

Ferreira was the women’s MVP.

Top team: Marciniak/DelSol, Ferreira/Marciniak

MVP: Raquel Ferreira, Skylar DelSol

Rookie of the year: Christopher Vaughan, Maryna Samoday

Rising Star breakthrough Athletes: John-Michael Plummer, Megan Rice

Fan Favorite: John-Michael Plummer, Kim Hildreth

Best Team performance in a tournament: Steve Grotowski/Mike DiPierro

Best blocker: Steve Grotowski, Jennifer Snyder

The Soul Award: Best Ambassador of the NVL: Jon Mesko, Tarin Locascio

Best Defensive player: Kim Hildreth, Skylar DelSol

Best Offensive player: Piotr Marciniak, Karolina Marciniak

Best setter: Kim Hildreth, Skylar DelSol

Most Improved: Brandon Joyner, Kaley Melville

Crowd Pleaser: Skyler McCoy, Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima

Fan Favorite Tour Stop 2016: Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Play continues at 10 a.m. Eastern Saturday.

Live streaming can be viewed at https://thenvl.com/tv/, while outer court matches can be seen on the NVL’s Facebook page: https://facebook.com/thenvl/


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