Links to go to read up on proper strength and conditioning


One constant in our sport is the need for proper strength and conditioning — fitness always is top of mind whether you are playing in a club tournament, on center stage in the NCAA men’s or women’s tournament or out on the beach on a hot summer day.

Here are a few places to wander to help keep the motor running at top speed.

Resistance training: One of the great things about resistance training is the equipment needed can be taken with you just about anywhere. Get in a workout while visiting your parents for the weekend or catch a quick set or two in the hotel room before hitting that tournament.


Conditioning: We all know volleyball-specific components such as power, strength/stability, quick court movement, agility and endurance are some of the conditioning keys in developing the athletic movements and endurance needed to excel. Don’t be afraid to search out different educational resources on these subjects. You never know what hidden gem you will find that works best for you.


Eat right: While physical fitness most certainly is a major part of any athletic success plan, so is the nutrition aspect. A body cannot fire on all cylinders if it is not properly and consistently fueled. And as with most things, don’t be afraid to do a little research on this vitally important topic.


Reach for the stars: And lastly, it also never hurts to see what the greats of our sport have to offer in terms of tips, drills and workout regimens. There is a reason terms such as Hall of Fame, legend and winner are attached to our sport’s best.



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