Summer Swag

Koru's Tiki Tonga bikini

This year, we let the pros take charge of the beach volleyball gear review, showcasing their favorite bikinis, leggings, boardshorts, and beach accessories in “Just Another Day at the Office”. But we had to get our two cents in somewhere, so here’s a short selection of our top summer essentials, with a focus on eco-friendly and super-stylish products.


Get Skimpy

The top trends in beach volleyball bikinis these days are skimpy bottoms and strappy tops, and Florida company Koru Swimwear has both in spades. Koru uses only Italian fabrics made from recycled materials that are dyed strategically to prevent water waste and pollution. We love this commitment to sustainability, but really, it’s the creative styles that intrigue us, including the Tiki Tonga, a funky black bikini with shoulder straps (no more behind the neck pain from those silly ties) and two horizontal side straps on the bottoms that are sexy but sturdy.

Koru sponsors the Australian beach volleyball duo Becchara Palmer & Zina Stone

Tiki Tonga Bikini, $70 each piece,


Get Smooth

Kiss My Face pulls us in with their delightful, understated scents every time. Although originally intended for the face (with excellent face-friendly ingredients like soapwort, a root sometimes use to treat acne), the brand’s 4-in-1 Moisture Shave does wonders for legs and underarms too, ladies. And gentlemen, if preparing for beach season means removing that permanent sweater from your chest, layer this on first and we promise the results will be less painful. As always, KMF makes their products with all-natural ingredients.

4-in-1 Moisture Shave 3.4 oz tube, $4.99,


Get Sustainable

Created by two Indian-American former investment bankers, Gurus are natural rubber sandals that channel the design of ancient Indian wooden footwear. Manufactured from rubber tapped on the family farms of the founders, the company also gives back to the environment by planting a tree for each pair of sandals they sell.

Gurus, $29.99,


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