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VolleyballMag.com editor Lee Feinswog is joined by ESPN play-by-play legend Paul Sunderland and the Big Ten Network’s Emily Ehman just three days before the start of the 2023 NCAA volleyball season:


  1. Huh? “Nebraska has ‘fallen’ the past “couple of years”?
    They were in the national championship match two years ago and last year they lost their best DS with a knee injury the week before the tournament and their sophomore OPP quit the sport a week after the week after the season ended. Their “falling off” season was being upset by Oregon in the sweet 16.

    Again, being ing the national championship match followed by a sweet 16 appearance equals “a couple of years of falling off”? Really? This is a reflection by an ex Northwestern bench player who does not like Nebraska for personal reasons. Her comments are pathetic. But what more can you expect from someone who named her “top 20 B1G volleyball players” and named only one Nebraska player. Yet she names two Purdue players, who if the transferred to Nebraska today and were declared eligible, would not start, would not play, and would spend the year being reserves for the B side players. Good job Emily….

    • We welcome reaction to our stories and mature commentary. This comment has been edited.
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in this case I might recommend that the poster step back, take a deep breath, and remember that not only has the season not even begun, no one works harder in preparation for it than Emily.


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