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Just about everyone is now familiar with the fashion trends offering plus-size clothing or big and tall options. This is a welcome development for tall guys who have struggled to find shirts that are long enough and big enough.

But what about guys who aren’t big … just tall? Sadly, you won’t find any thin and tall stores. Such marvels can supposedly be found in European countries like the Netherlands where the average male height is 6-foot-1 but these clothing outlets are nowhere to be found in America.

Fortunately, the rise of the Internet has spawned all sorts of specialty apparel brands. One of them, TallSlim Tees, has a mission to provide shirts to the not-so-big but still tall men out there.

Founded in 2014 by 6-6 entrepreneur Dan Deceuster, TallSlim Tees now carries tees, polos, henleys, tanks, dress shirts and more. We caught up with Dan to ask him about his experience in starting and growing this brand over the last five years.

“What was the process like in developing TallSlim Tees?”

It certainly took a while to find a manufacturer who could supply our inventory. I wanted to do very custom, unique sizing that would be unfamiliar to them, but I didn’t want to do it in massive quantities like they were used to. I wasn’t ordering enough to get a big manufacturer, but it was too big of an operation to use a small batch manufacturer.

Once we found someone who would work with us, it took about 9 months and many samples to finally discover the perfect fit and fabric. That’s when I launched with the original 50/50 tees.

“But do you only sell T-shirts?”

No, I started off with just T-shirts, but the demand was there for a full line of shirts. I’ve spent the last few years developing and producing new styles as quickly as I can to keep up with the need. It’s amazing how underserved the tall, slim niche is in the fashion industry.

“A lot of guys who play volleyball are pretty tall and slim … has the volleyball community been your best customers?”

We’ve done incredibly well within the volleyball community and sponsor several AVP athletes. I think the brand has really caught on. But we’re also fairly popular in the world of swimming as well. Most of the positive feedback I’m getting these days isn’t even from men though. There are a lot of very relieved moms with tall skinny teen-age boys out there.

“What about any plans for the brand?”

I think it would be great to eventually do a full apparel line with shirts, pants, jackets, etc. But it’s going to be a little while until we get there. I’ll probably start developing women’s and youth sizes soon so we have something for everyone. I think new styles and colors need to be constantly developed as well.

“How about any deals for our readers?”

Absolutely! Just use coupon code VOLLEYBALL at checkout for 10% off your order. You won’t regret it!

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