Jake Gibb, a two-time cancer survivor, has every reason to want to support men’s health awareness and research. So it makes sense that for the past few years he’s been a dedicated participant in the month of mustache growing and awareness raising known as Movember.

In November 2012, Gibb and his team of fundraisers known as Team Spiker raised over $4,000. This past Movember, the 39-member team ended the month at $3,439, with Ryan Doherty bringing in more than a quarter of the team’s total donations with $1,255. Other notable team members from the volleyball community included Gibb’s partner Casey Patterson, former UCLA player Anthony Curci, and former beach pro Al Janc.

Another Movember team from the volleyball world was captained by Dustin Watten, a former Long Beach State All-American libero. Named Team Stache Sweat, Watten’s squad included national team members Jeff Menzel and Paul Lotman and featured donations from national team middle blocker Russell Holmes, setter Donald Suxho, and pro beach player Austin Rester. Stache Sweat ended the month with $1,971 raised.

UCLA volleyball also had a Movember team page that raised $500, while USC’s men’s volleyball team collected $293 and the Trojan women’s team contributed $270 to the Movember cause.


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