Tim Toy is on his first international trip and he’s reporting from the Rio Olympics.

By Tim Toy for VolleyballMag.com

Saturday was an off day for the team, so we spent much of the day on the deck of the Norwegian Cruise ship, Getaway. The ship is said to be one of the three biggest in the world. It is my home away from home for my stay here in Rio.

You might wonder how a guy like me was able to throw something together like this. Through my story I have been fortunate enough to make some wonderful connections. USA Volleyball has granted me “friends and family” status and I also have been lucky having Linda Thompson handle making reservations and obtaining tickets for matches. Linda, it should be noted, is Courtney Thompson’s mom. I am forever in debt to the Thompsons for allowing me into their “family” for this incredible week!

As you can imagine, living on a cruise ship is a rough existence. Yesterday we sunned on the upper deck while watching tennis and track and field on a screen two stories high. A television this size can be distracting, something I can prove with my beet-red shoulders and chest. Someone pass the sunscreen!

image3 (1)

Friday night we grabbed a cab and went to the USA House on Ipanema Beach. The scene inside included people from every nation buying up USA garb like there is no tomorrow.


We had dinner with another volleyball family at the place they are staying at on the lagoon that overlooks the crew venue.  What a beautiful setting.

As we returned to the Getaway for the night, Coach K — Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski — and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and some of the USA basketball team members were coming off the ship after dinner.

The yacht in front of the Getaway belongs to Paul Allen and in front of that is one that is being leased by another Hollywood star. Matthew McConaughey is in town and has been at many of the swimming events. You never really know who you might run into here.

As much as the hobnobbing might impress, it pales in comparison to the vibe and energy of the people of Brazil. This place seems to have a heartbeat of its own. 

More from here later Sunday as the USA takes on China in the final match of pool play.

Tim Toy’s wife, Ellen, passed away from cancer. Before she died, she and Tim became very close to the USA women’s volleyball team. The best way to catch up is to go: https://www.jamthegym.com/our-story/, because there’s so much to it that deserves your attention, including their Jam the Gym event and how they gave back to the volleyball community in so many ways.

This trip to Rio is one of Tim’s way of honoring Ellen and their We Serve First Foundation.

VolleyballMag.com is fortunate to have him as a correspondent this week as he makes his first international trip to see the team he loves.


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