Tim Toy is a special person making a special trip to Rio for the Olympic Games.

In a nutshell, here is his story:

His wife, Ellen, passed away from cancer. Before she died, she and Tim became very close to the USA women’s volleyball team. The best way to catch up is to go: https://www.jamthegym.com/our-story/, because there’s so much to it that deserves your attention, including their Jam the Gym event and how they gave back to the volleyball community in so many ways.

This trip to Rio is one of Tim’s way of honoring Ellen and their We Serve First Foundation.

VolleyballMag.com is fortunate to have him as a correspondent this week as he makes his first international trip to see the team he loves.

International Travel. 

How can something be both thrilling and frightening at the same time? 

This is my very first trip out of the country, so I am a little apprehensive. The connection from Pittsburgh to Washington was tighter than expected because of a slight weather delay into and out of Greater Pitt. 

“I had the pleasure of being seated next to Margo, a Polish immigrant who now calls Western Pennsylvania home. We chatted easily about everything including my “Readers Digest” version of what has compelled me to make the trip to Rio. Even through her thick accent she related how commendable it is for me to go.

On the flight from D.C. to São Paulo I met yet another fascinating traveler. Tori is an American Oxford student who traveled from London to DC, connected to São Paulo and eventually was heading to Rio like I am. Her field of study is Neuro Prosthetics. She speaks four languages.  She is a huge fan of USA Swimming and was heading to watch them right off the plane. She too was impressed by my journey.

Me? I am so fortunate. 

I am lucky enough to have accommodations aboard the Norwegian cruise ship GetAway. It’s a wonder that the thing floats. It is gigantic! There was a driver sent to get me!   

Elton was so helpful and genuine. I will get to watch my favorite team compete for the biggest prize in the volleyball world, an Olympic gold medal, and hang out with the families and friends of the team.

Is this heaven? No it’s Rio! 

More to come as the tournament and week continue …

The photo is a selfie of Tim (left) and his driver Elton


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