Tim Toy is on his first international trip and he’s reporting from the Rio Olympics.

By Tim Toy for VolleyballMag.com

Game day.

The Maracanazhino Arena is an awesome place to watch volleyball. So much fun in the way the game is packaged and presented. The Brazilian fans love this game, and they have a healthy amount of respect for teams that play it well. This is the perfect place to highlight the best in the world.

Today I got to go to our USA match against Italy.

One of the incredible things I have noticed about this USA team is how well they support one and other. Maybe this isn’t unique to this group, but they sure have perfected it.

On most days it’s just a nice sidelight, but today it was absolutely the reason for their victory over a scrappy and spirited Italian squad. After taking a two sets to none lead the Americans struggled and dropped the third set. You don’t see a lot of panic in this group. They believe in one and other and the process. The process today meant replacing parts.

Enter Kelsey Robinson.

Robinson turned things around in the fourth set, playing all the way around for the first time in this tournament after subbing in as a defensive replacement. It was her turn to pick up a struggling teammate and she was right on time.

Also having a strong showing was Karsta Lowe, hammering a few timely kills, and Courtney Thompson, who served five straight to close out the Italians, including an ace.

Also so awesome to watch Daly Santana doing a great job for the Puerto Rican Olympic team. The former Minnesota Gopher played well vs the Dutch today!

Tomorrow is an off day, I’ll get out and see a little more of Rio and have more to share!

Tim Toy’s wife, Ellen, passed away from cancer. Before she died, she and Tim became very close to the USA women’s volleyball team. The best way to catch up is to go: https://www.jamthegym.com/our-story/, because there’s so much to it that deserves your attention, including their Jam the Gym event and how they gave back to the volleyball community in so many ways.

This trip to Rio is one of Tim’s way of honoring Ellen and their We Serve First Foundation.

VolleyballMag.com is fortunate to have him as a correspondent this week as he makes his first international trip to see the team he loves.



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