Tim Toy is on his first international trip and he’s reporting from the Rio Olympics.

By Tim Toy for VolleyballMag.com

It’s a funny story, really. I had a slickly written recap of the big USA victory Sunday over China. It was complete with stats and insights. I was ready to send it and noticed I had placed the same picture in it twice. I attempted to delete one of them, and deleted the entire thing!

I am certain the original was worthy of a “Golden Quill” or whatever bloggers get for outstanding work. So you’ll have to trust me. It was flat-out brilliant. I could have replicated it, but instead I went to bed.

So you get this …

Pre-match for USA vs. China
Pre-match for USA vs. China

By now, if you are a blog-following volleyball fan, you know that the Americans lost the first set, then roared back behind the steady play of Jordan Larson (18 points), the leadership of Christa Deitzen, the athleticism of Foluke Akinradewo (15 points), and contributions by both Kelly Murphy and Kelsey Robinson (13 points each).

I’ll also add setter Alisha Glass in the mix for distributing the ball well and being her usual deceptive self. The win clinched first in pool A. The Americans’ first opponent in the knockout round is Japan, who finished fourth in pool B. That was yesterday’s report in a nutshell. Sorry it’s late. I was sleepy. This is Rio…

Monday was an off day, which means mostly sightseeing and shopping, but the highlight was getting a pass into the P&G House.

Most of you might not know that Procter and Gamble provides a place where the families of American athletes can go to get most anything they need, including food and drink, laundry services, spa treatments, haircuts and pedicures, and a really comfortable place to just crash and meet other athletes and their families. 

On Monday I got to watch the beach match between Dahlhausser/Lucena and the Brazilian duo with many of our indoor men’s team members and their families. What an electric atmosphere!

Earlier in the day we checked out NBC’s Today Show set and the Copacabana Stadium built to house the beach volleyball matches. All of the venues are in range of some of the most stunning vistas and beautiful beaches. With everything negative that has been written about the Rio Games, I am here to tell you, I just haven’t seen it. Yes there have been a few high-profile incidents, but many of them could and would have happened in any major American city just as easily. Fact is, again, this is Rio, and it is beautiful!

On Tuesday I start the day off early at 9:30 with equestrian jumping, then on to Maracanazhino for the USA vs. Japan match at 2 p.m., and then to the diving center for the gold-medal round in diving.

Busy day with a lot to see. I’ll try not to delete the first draft when I tell you all about it.

Tim Toy’s wife, Ellen, passed away from cancer. Before she died, she and Tim became very close to the USA women’s volleyball team. The best way to catch up is to go: https://www.jamthegym.com/our-story/, because there’s so much to it that deserves your attention, including their Jam the Gym event and how they gave back to the volleyball community in so many ways.

This trip to Rio is one of Tim’s way of honoring Ellen and their We Serve First Foundation.


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