Top College Coaches Poll

Penn State women's volleyball coaches Russ Rose and Salima Rockwell both earned top honors in our poll.

Pepperdine men’s coaching great Marv Dunphy gave a candid assessment of the state of coaching in the sport.

It’s pretty invigorating to see where our sport is at today with coaching, he said. There is a lot of good coaching going on in our sport with women, men, beach, and club. Im very proud of our sport. I think were doing a pretty good job with it.

Dunphy’s assessment is backed up by a poll Volleyball conducted among nearly 40 NCAA Division I men’s and women’s head coaches. The poll asked two questions:

1) Which men’s and women’s head coaches impress you the most with their coaching abilities and how they run their programs?

2) Which men’s and women’s assistant coaches impress you the most?

Based on the enthusiasm and volume of responses, in addition to how the final voting shook out, Dunphy’s remarks are spot-on. Our sport is in the very capable hands of some outstanding teachers.

Penn State won three of the four categories, including both assistant coaching categories. Voting was close in both head coaching categories and extremely close in the men’s assistant coaching category.

Top Women’s Head Coaches

1. Russ Rose (Penn State)
2. John Dunning (Stanford)
3. Kevin Hambly (Illinois)
4. Tom Hilbert (Colorado State)
5. John Cook (Nebraska)
6. Chris Lamb (Wichita State)
7. Mary Wise (Florida)
8. Travis Hudson (Western Kentucky)
9. Jerritt Elliott (Texas)
10. Beth Launiere (Utah)

Top Men’s Head Coaches

1. Marv Dunphy (Pepperdine)
2. John Speraw (UCLA)
3. Shane Davis (Loyola Chicago)
4. Dan Friend (Lewis)
5. Pete Hanson (Ohio State)
6. Mark Pavlik (Penn State)
7. John Kosty (Stanford)
8. Rick McLaughlin (Santa Barbara)
9. Alan Knipe (Long Beach State)
10. Kevin Ring (UC San Diego)

Top Women’s Assistant Coaches

1. Salima Rockwell (Penn State)
2. Denise Corlett (Stanford)
3. Eve Rackham (North Carolina)
4. Erik Sullivan (Texas)
5. Brent Hilliard (San Diego)
6. Laura Kuhn (Kansas)
7. John Shondell (Purdue)
8. Leslie Gabriel (Washington)
9. Craig Dyer (Pittsburgh)
10. Mike Johnson (Notre Dame)

Top Men’s Assistant Coaches

1. Colin McMillan (Penn State)
2. Mark Hulse (Loyola Chicago)
3. Brad Keller (UCLA)
4. Kris Berzins (Loyola Chicago)
5. Ken Shibuya (Stanford)
6. David Hunt (Pepperdine)
7. Andy Read (Long Beach State)
8. Milan Zarkovic (Hawaii)
9. Tyler Hildebrand (Long Beach State)
10. Matt McCarthy (Lewis)


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