Triple Crown Sports took on the challenge of hosting a weekend all about volleyball in Richmond, Va., June 18-22. The first two days included individual skills development, fitness measurements, and a showcase for college coaches sponsored by NCSA (National Collegiate Scouting Association). On the third day, Russ Rose of Penn State fame arrived with his coaching staff to conduct a clinic for the 45 campers who came from around the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

After the clinic, the players were divided up into five teams and an additional team from Puerto Rico arrived to round out the six-team tournament that commenced.

The weekend culminated with the Triple Crown 18 Open Invitational, in which Tstreet (Irvine, Calif.), Texas Advantage Volleyball (Fort Worth, Texas), Spiral Under Armour (Chandler, Ariz.), and ASICS Munciana (Yorktown, Ind.) competed for the title. Spiral took on Texas Advantage and Tstreet faced Munciana in the semifinals. Texas Advantage and Tstreet both swept their first round opponents and met in the final where Tstreet came out victorious in the end. Both the championship match and the third place match were televised on CBS Sports Network.

In between the third place and final match, Triple Crown revealed their Top 40 club rankings, which they complied using results from USAV and AAU national championships. Texas Advantage came out as the top-ranked club in the nation; Munciana was 15th, Tstreet 19th, and Spiral 30.


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