BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — Tech veteran Gordan Redzic and First Point Volleyball Foundation founder Wade Garard have joined forces with Lee Feinswog to become equity partners in (Volleyball Magazine), which will result in expanded coverage of the best sport on the planet.

Redzic brings both a professional background in technology and a history of volleyball to his role as’s Chairman & President. Redzic currently serves as CTO of CareScout, a division of Genworth. Previously, Redzic had been CTO of Onbe and a VP of Technology at SleepNumber.

Gordan Redzic

Redzic is an alumnus of Loyola Chicago and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, and the son of a former Serbian professional volleyball player. Redzic, who lives in Chicago, actively plays volleyball and coaches for Energy Volleyball Club’s Forza program, where his two sons play. Redzic also coaches freshmen boys volleyball at Maine South High School.

“We want to accelerate the growth of by incorporating cutting-edge tech with great writing and engaging with a wider audience, with a goal to be the world’s preeminent volleyball content destination,” Redzic said.

Wade Garard

Garard has spent a career in non-profit management, entrepreneurship and venture investing. In 2016, Garard founded First Point Volleyball Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to growing boys and men’s volleyball in America. Garard and Redzic came to know one another as fellow First Point board members. Garard co-founded and was the first investor of Odyssey Media Group and led its expansion from a college print newspaper to a digital channel with 30 million monthly active users at its height. Garard’s daughter Mamie played club volleyball at Munciana VBC, college volleyball at San Jose State and professional volleyball overseas.

“This is so exciting to have both volleyball-knowledgeable partners and people coming on board to give us the resources needs to, as they say in sports, take it to the next level,” said Feinswog, the editor of the daily digital news source for all things volleyball.

Feinswog and the late Ed Chan bought Volleyball Magazine in 2016 and converted it to a digital only publication. It has grown exponentially since then and is the leader in coverage of the sport, from NCAA women’s and men, NCAA beach, AVP and Volleyball World pro beach volleyball, pro indoors and club and high school.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to do what we do even better and expand our coverage, especially in the boys and men’s game, the international side of things, and really go deep into club and high school volleyball,” Feinswog said. “I’m super excited, I know Gordan and Wade are, and the volleyball world should be, too. This is big.”

Feinswog will continue as the editor and oversee a staff of hard-working and energetic writers and photographers. Garard and Redzic will focus on’s strategic, content and business growth.

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