Why DestinationVolleyball.com? Our sport needs it.

We’ve needed a central location to figure out how to watch volleyball.

We’ve needed a place to read or hear about so many of those great stories that are out there.

Sure, some find their way into places like Volleyball magazine, for which I also write, or in local media, but there are so many stories that never get told. I promise they will show up here.

We’ve needed the fun video interviews I love to do, the first of which is with Bill Ferguson right over there. The people working with me wanted that feature to be the Swog Vlog, but the Swog Blog was enough. Tempting, however …

DestinationVolleyball.com isn’t trying to be all things to all people. In the fall, we’ll focus primarily on the women’s college game. In the spring, we’ll direct our attention to the college men. We’ll always be on top of our national teams and the beach game.

Along those lines, we also needed a place to tell you where to keep up with volleyball. Below this blog is a piece with all sorts of links. There are a lot of good people who love volleyball presenting some part of the sport in some form or fashion and you should check them out.

For those of you don’t know me, I’m the only sportswriter in America who runs a volleyball club for girls, Volleyball Baton Rouge. I married into the sport, took over the club in 1999, and have been immersed in it since then. I’m lucky that I’m able to turn the passion into a vocation and, while I still cover plenty of football and basketball, volleyball is what I enjoy the most. I’m excited to have DestinationVolleyball.com as another outlet.

Also, why TV listings in the Central time zone? It’s where I live and the computers change everything to your respective time zone. So rather than screw it up in the listings, I just went with Central and hope that works. If you see something amiss in the TV listings, please let me know ASAP by emailing DestinationVB@gmail.com. We want it right.

A few thanks: To WildPEPPER,  a really cool girls and women’s volleyball clothing company that has jumped on board as our first sponsor. We really appreciate them and hope you will check them out at wildpeppersports.com. Also to Jonathan Cary of JCW Productions for his hard work getting this website launched. If you need a website, you need to visit JCWProductions.com. And thanks to Ed Chan of VBshots.com for the cool picture of Penn State winning the NCAA title last December in Oklahoma City. It’s the happiness in moments like that that make us love volleyball.

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