On one hand, it feels like a million years ago that Ed Chan hit me with the idea of us partnering as publishers of Volleyball magazine,

On the other hand, it feels like yesterday.

Actually, it’s been just more than four months, and, trust me, it’s been a blur.

For much of that time, it’s been business as usual, covering the sport as best we could. But all the while we were also grinding away at the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that come with converting a magazine almost four decades old into an internet-only venture. Working hard with a great partner in strategic-marketing firm Covalent Logic and knowing that one day today would come.

And today it is!

Welcome to the new VolleyballMag.com website. It looks fabulous, reads better and will allow us to cover the sport you love with more depth and quality than anyone ever has. Volleyball magazine used to publish six times a year with a limited website. Now that we don’t have to worry about print, we figure we will have closer to 50 stories a month.

From the NCAA women’s college game to the beach on every level to juniors and men and, of course, to the Olympics that start this week, we are all over it.

We’ve put together a tremendous staff of contributors and you will see their work often, starting with today’s boys high-school American package from Mike Miazga. For that matter, Mike is so well-versed in volleyball he also did the Q&A with Karch Kiraly.

Of course, there are Ed’s remarkable photos and the start of his five-part look at Olympic beach volleyball. And on Wednesday, we’ll have my look at the U.S. women’s team, then the men’s and then overall previews of both competitions before the Games begin Saturday.

In volleyball parlance, the site is going to stay gnarly and we are really stoked to bring you so much coverage. As Ed says, “We’re going deep.”

Today is just the beginning. Come see us every day, tell your friends and follow us on all the social-media outlets.

Funny thing. When Ed called about taking this on, I never flinched. Never questioned it. Just said sure, let’s do it, because I knew. And from looking at the new VolleyballMag.com today, I was right.

— Lee Feinswog



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