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Our panel digs deep, breaks down NCAA selection with former committee member Jenny McGhee

This is our longest video, just shy of an hour, but if you really want to volleyball geek out over NCAA bracket selection and all that those goes into, stick with us.

For the first half hour, Salima, Jenny, Emily, and Lee visit with Southland Conference senior associate commissioner Jenny McGhee, who was on the NCAA Division I women’s volleyball committee from 2015-18. Her candid insight is incredible and volleyball fans will really appreciate it.

Then Jenny, the former Mississippi State coach, breaks things down with stats, blind team sheets, and more. We covered even more ground and bounced all sorts of things off each other. As Jenny said, volley-nerd at it’s best:

Salima is the former national-team player who was an assistant at Penn State and Texas and now is a TV analyst calling volleyball matches on the Big Ten Network, ESPN, and more.

Jenny, an ESPN analyst, is the former Mississippi State coach, and her club, Infinity in Jackson, Mississippi, is setting new girls club-volleyball standards in the Southeast.

Emily, a former Northwestern player and regular contributor to, is a Big Ten Network analyst.

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