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After four weeks of non-conference play — and what matches there were this past week!– NCAA Division I volleyball moves into conference action. This our Monday visit with Salima Rockwell, Jenny Hazelwood, and Emily Ehman.

Among the topics we cover this week are Louisville, the ACC, the big battles this week for Ohio State at Purdue and Penn State, Washington-Utah, UCF, the impact of the preseason on recruiting, and more.

Salima also brings to light the unfortunate situation of Monika Simkova, the Buffalo player from Slovakia who had an infection and lost both her legs. There is a GoFundMe to help her and her family. 

Salima is the former national-team player who was an assistant at Penn State and Texas and now is a TV analyst calling volleyball matches on the Big Ten Network, ESPN, and more.

Jenny, an ESPN analyst, is the former Mississippi State coach, and her club, Infinity in Jackson, Mississippi, is setting new girls club-volleyball standards in the Southeast.

Emily, a former Northwestern player, is a regular contributor to and is a Big Ten Network analyst.


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