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Georgia Tech’s Michelle Collier joins Salima, Jenny, Emily for the weekly NCAA roundtable

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After her Yellow Jackets upset previously unbeaten Pittsburgh on Sunday, Georgia Tech coach Michelle Collier joins the roundtable of Salima Rockwell, Jenny Hazelwood, Emily Ehman and editor Lee Feinswog.

We talk about Georgia Tech, of course, and the ACC, give some love to the Pac-12, LSU, Jordan Newblatt of Marist, the return of the NIVC, this week’s big matches, and much, much more:


Salima is the former national-team player who was an assistant at Penn State and Texas and now is a TV analyst calling volleyball matches on the Big Ten Network, ESPN, and more.

Jenny, an ESPN analyst, is the former Mississippi State coach, and her club, Infinity in Jackson, Mississippi, is setting new girls club-volleyball standards in the Southeast.

Emily, a former Northwestern player and regular contributor to, is a Big Ten Network analyst.