Former Nebraska coach Terry Pettit, on his Inside The Coaching Mind Podcastinterviews some interesting people, not all in volleyball. But in this case this week, he talked to Dani Busboom Kelly, the coach of the top-ranked Louisville Cardinals.

Louisville is also the last unbeaten team in the country. Busboom Kelly, played at Nebraska in the mid-2000s, had previously been at Louisville as an assistant. She returned to Nebraska to coach at her alma mater, and has now been the Louisville head coach since 2016.

Among the topics, Busbooom’s move from setter to libero as a player and then making a similar move this year as the coach at Louisville; winning national titles as a player and then as an assistant coach at Nebraska, and how she’s handling a Louisville team with a chance to win it all; and the balance of this year’s Louisville team.

If you want to listen to the podcast:

Dani Busboom Kelly on Coaching the Top-Ranked University of Louisville Women’s Volleyball Team.

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